Friday, November 1, 2013


Hi, guys! We've decided to stop using blogspot and start using If you would like to continue reading our posts, please go to We would LOVE to stay in touch with all of you! :D Thank you SO much for your prayers and support!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We are moving on!

...and we can't wait to see you!

Katya and I are finally ready to announce that our ministry here in L’viv is coming to a close. Before we go to our next thing, we really want to come back to the States and visit all of you guys. Please be praying for us through this exciting and challenging time. It’s hard for us to leave the church that we helped start. We’ve been with these people from the beginning, and we feel like a family, but we know that God is moving us on.

Katya and I would LOVE to be there before Christmas, but that does not give us much time to save up for tickets or get the documents for Katya’s visa. We have been working on that for the last few months, so please pray for that continuing process.

There are some things we will need while we are in America: a car to drive, a place to stay, short-term employment (for Katya and myself), etc. If you would be able to help us with some of these things or know someone who can, please just respond to this e-mail. Looking forward to singing Christmas carols with you all!

Thank you all VERY much for praying with us!

- David and Katya Snead

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vacation / Prayer Retreat

Katya and I are going on our first vacation together (aside from our honeymoon) next week, but it's also going to be a time for us to be alone and seek God. Please be praying for us to have a very relaxed time. We'll be going to one of the port cities here in Ukraine, and we're hoping the weather will be warm enough for us to go swimming on the beach. We've been feeling like we needed to get away for a while and spend some time as a couple relaxing and reconnecting with God and each other.

Thanks a lot, everyone!